Now, with all the updates I've been doing to my site consistently for the past few weeks, I think it would be apt to think over what I want and what I have accomplished

When I saw all the web assets on this site were broken, I had a simple goal. Fix the web assets and flesh out the basic aspects of the site itself


The answer is a lot of poor webmastery. A decent amount of images on this site were not hosted on neocities itself so when I recently took a look at my own page it was a lot of blank white.

Experienced webmasters are hitting me in the head right now through the screen and I accept that. Every year I revisit Neocities is another year I realize how little I know and I grow a bit more. Even if I never make a good website, I think it's worth the experience.

[4/16/2023] Oh my god. it's been so long. all the dev for this was offline and I never bothered uploading this page until now. it's still a mess and half done but honestly for preservations sake I'll put it up

I actually began making a separate website this year for fun + practice coded entirely in notepad. maybe I'll link it here at one point?

[5/17/2022] I wanted to give the site a more balanced look (dont look at all the broken elements, I'm testin stuff out :P

[4/25/2022] I updated the new layout to reflect my old site's assets

[3/31/2022] I have begun revamping my website from the ground up, with the old site being last edited around 5/17/2021 (maybe it's a springtime thing for me?

This new format takes inspiration from a lot of old style websites and the Redux theme from tumblr, which Idk if that's available anymore.. :/

Old style vs new can you feel the oldass webcore