05/17/2021 2 AM  | X

my quest 2 understand more about computers has lead me all over these past 10 days, including into blender, i made a simple little low poly 3d model of a flip phone

rotates placidly at u

it has also opened some doors re: making my own computer more navigateable (which isnt a word but u know what i mean)

I've added homestar runner to the watch page for the toons, ^w^ and ive been working on making better libraries for the stuff im curatin here. i will update the pages here when i feel its something i like more, til then, i may just keep addin links the format it is

5/7/2021 ~11:00PM  | X

The index page has been... UPDATED!! maybe for the worse, aesthetically, but I learned quite a bit today!

Old Layout

New Layout!

I even made the little displays open and close!!

I'm trying to not be so afraid of position:absolutes anymore but my past still haunts me.. calculating an entire grid layout and having to math it out every time i wanted to add an album.. and then having to scroll sideways on mobile because none of the elements realign... iueueeegeheghegh. i do not miss 2017 me's swiss cheese brain

I understand that most sites are not mobile friendly which imo is A-OK, but ive been trying to stay at least.. parseable for mobile use. the whole idea of making a page like this back before i knew anything about code was to basically have a bookmarks bar without worrying about devices.

computers break, laptops break, phones die permanently, and webpages arent forever, especially when TOS can change at will for those who host them (see: tumblr, twitter, twitch, reddit, ad nasuem,) but at least if i decentralize my sources i can mourn the loss of one device without mourning the loss of everything ive archived and curated for myself.

im gonna kick myself for mentioning this later, because i wont make a lot of progress tomorrow ik but ive been messing around with the animate functions in css and javascript, ive been thinking about making a webpage of cds you can pull off the shelf and play

weirdly enough, even though it dealt with javascript, my mortal enemy atm, messing around with this gave me more insight into how it works and now.. i want to learn more again 0__0; and after that shatter.html fiasco last night too...

if you ever want some fun while rotating an element in 3d with css just put perspective(10px) in there. the lower the better, itll freak out and stretch to what looks like infinity


for reference, this is rotating on the Y axis -90 degrees i think and is ~150 px, just in case there are some assets you want to torture i guess?

5/6/2021 ~8:00PM   | X

I fixed the blogs page, but it still needs some button additions, as it turns out its WAYYY easier to edit html/css in a live editor that you dont have to keep saving and looking at, the one i use though is total garbage at handling javascripts, so if you see me update my page every 2 minutes look the other way ^w^;

to keep me company while I work ive had osaka open on my second screen the past few days, the nature of the game means that i cant actually do anything but buy stuff with her money when she watches tv

carefree as can be

she got a punching bag sometime yesterday but no matter how many game days pass, she never actually punches it! she just slowly walks up and hugs it for a minute or two.

we dont have to fight anymore

stuff like that makes it fun to just let it run, sometimes i get to look over and be surprised again

05/05/2021 9:24PM  | X

WHEW... I changed the log page to be its own little thing so it displays on the main page as well!! it makes me happy to look at, I also fixed the first few link/images on the first page and tried to clean up my COOL BLOGS page, im discovering good neocities pages faster than I can fix my code 0__0;

I also changed the headline on my blogs page to be an image i put together real fast.. this guy knows how to party

In other news, even though i resigned to not make a winamp skins for vlc player tutorial, i ended up writing it anyways on my notepad, the html is somewhat coherent but I dont wanna put the page up before I have someplace GOOD to link it to.

thine forbidden knowledge.. how moderate

rather than do any of the things i knew how to do today, i burned a lot of time trying to figure out javascript -__-; I wanted to have it mark the first instance of a log as NEW automatically. im sure its pretty easy in actuality but im so unfamiliar with it it takes forever to read/understand, and even then, its SOOO different from python/html/css. sort of fun to have a challenge though!

I was also thinking of making a directory of places to find gifs/pixels/web-building assets, and got the idea to theme it after a dragon's horde. this thought took me to the outer belt of pinterest in the not-productive galaxy as i looked at tons of little pixel arts of dragons. i started work on my own but its not gettin posted til im done done

sneak peak

I think I forgot to say I do art. I do art. ! i made the little catperson sidebar and the dancing catperson on the index page, along with my buttons and a few other assets. maybe ill post some more, maybe i wont, idk! its all about the fun u know 0w0

05/05/2021 2:05 AM  | X

I added another button to my site!! animated it and everything ^^; insomnia striking

its so cuuuuuute though, maybe thats the midnight goggles though. we'll see n the morning

05/05/2021 1:10AM  | X


I would make a tutorial but im sure y'all already figured this stuff out, u guys are so clever, but that means that it would be pertinent to include links to winamp skin sites on my page... 0w0

5/4/2021  | X

I FORGOT TO UPDATE the past few days. i changed the music so that it looks like all the images are on CD cases by messing with border properties. did you know borders could be asymmetrical? did u know they could be images? i didnt!! I think these new cd case ones are SUPER cute but that might be me.

OLD VER.. nice.. sleek

gaudy and more my style

I haven't added the manifesto or whatever yet, I wanna really think about what I want of this all. I'm starting to understand.

I've also realized that some of these neocities pages have html... IN HTML... like in little boxes..

↓ u guys

EDIT: i have now changed the logs to open/close and to be prettier in general :)

EDIT 2: 2K PAGEVIEWS... i gotta stop counting at some point but still this is nuts @__@

5/1/2021  | X

I'm up to 1.6k pageviews and 5 followers!! woo!! and also scary!! i dont know if i could look at my page 500 times without getting a crick in my neck lol

I've added some more music and vids to my music and vids pages, respectively, and im typing up a "manifesto," the intent of this site, so i can try to achieve it.. no matter how unlikely !

ive also realized that i didnt make chechjiouw in 2018.. but in late 2017... OOPS. i went thru and edited the mentions of that on this site.

i intend to figure out which css is used for multiple pages and made it its own file rather than copypasting each time -__-; i should have done this sooner but you know what they say. best time to plant tree was years ago. second best time is now.

4/30/2021  | X

4/30/2021 EVENING (LATER): seperated log from about, created buttons page, added copy button on buttons page, centered music page, updated footer for most pages

4/30/2021 EVENING: I moved chechijiouw from the index to its own page and made a new index out of my about... i dont think that having my first impression be a page I made in 2017 was a good idea but I didn't know people would be able to see my page o_o; im up to 1,000 page views and its only been one day!!

4/30/2021: Finished my "button!! 60 something frames... WHEW but im proud ^-^ i love the little dancing beta wooper in it, im also learning how to make gifs that change when you hover over them... CRAZY...

4/29/2021  | X

START of my neocities move, tomorrow I plan to create one of those buttons everyone has, and put some of theirs on my page too! Too many cool pages to count @_@